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Soul Salons Saskatoon
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Soul Salons Saskatoon

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Why Choose VIDA of New Orleans at Soul Salons?

We all do our best in our everyday lives to be more environmentally aware. At Soul Salons, we are committed to making better choices by using 100% water soluble VIDA of New Orleans products that contain no artificial fillers or additives. We believe that our VIDA techniques are not only safer for our clientele, but also for our stylists. Visit our VIDA salon today and update your look with a refreshing new cut, relax with a reflexology treatment or our signature reflexi-pedi. Soul Salons: Inspiring change!

Soul Salons

Ren's Fall Promo
latest update: Oct 6, 2014

Ren Northey, Soul Salons newest team member has put together a fall promo for all her new clients.  Men's scalp massage, cut and style //$20 Women's clean analysis, cut and style...    read more...

Soul Salons


From the second I walked in to Soul Salons I was blown away. Not only by the friendly, warm atmosphere but the innovative stylists and techniques used. These girls travel the world to learn and grown and it shows! From my addiction to J-Clips and now the VIDA and J-Lox extension lines, my hair has never looked so rich, shiny and soft. My color never fades, my hair is truly healthy for the first time in a decade and the best part: I can go DAYS with my J-Style! J-Clips lift at the root, making my hair full, bouncy and sexy, like a movie star. And it’s so clean, no more build-up from products. Jackie and her girls are truly amazing and feel like family. They work together as a team and that’s rare. I can’t imagine not having my hair look so incredible. It’s an addiction!
Shauna Foster, C95, Rawlco Radio

I was recommended to Soul Salons (was J Marquis) by a client of mine, and have found it to be one of the best salons I have ever used!. I have a number of allergies and sensitivities to hair products that I have to be very careful about. The Vida products that are used at Soul Salons are absolutely amazing, and they are not a risk to me at all. The staff actually looked into what the ingredients were in the Vida product to make sure that I would be able to use them. I was unable to have treatments like perms, as the fumes and toxins literally made me sick, but now I can do whatever I choose to do with my hair, even colours and perms. SOUL SALONS ( J Marquis Hair Salon) is a wonderful place, with incredible staff - and I recommend them all the time.
Lori, Saskatoon

I have been going to Soul Salons (J Marquis) for about 8 years now, and have never had any kind of issue with the services at all. I have always found that the stylists are excellent people who use cutting edge technology - and I get the results! You can go to anyone for a colour or a perm, but some salons are still using techniques from the 1970's and 1980's....but to be able to go to Soul Salons and get the results without all of the toxins and chemicals is truly unique.
Brandi, Saskatoon

Why do I love my Vidalicous hair? Well it not only looks great but also feels amazing. The Vida products are user friendly and gives my hair amazing style. Between the staff at Soul Salon styling and color expertise and the product they use, it makes you feel like you are receiving the Hollywood treatment!
Lee-Ann, Saskatoon

The reason I switched to J Marquis (now Soul Salons) from my previous regime was because a girlfriend of mine told me about this hair cleansing 'treatment' that Jana and her team do to your hair every time you visit the salon. She said it cleaned all the old product and 'gunk' out of your hair and you could see the difference in the sink! I knew my hair needed a thorough cleaning like this so I made an appointment with Jana and have never looked back and that was almost a year ago now. I can't imagine a life without Vida clean hair! The product is amazing and so is the staff, I'll have Vidalicious hair for life :)
Ashlyn, Saskatoon