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Awakening Hair Book

When I first saw the title of this book my eyes must have been bursting outta my head!!! It just resonated with me so much!  Awakening Hair, Caring for your Cosmic Antenna. Every single word made so much sense to me! Ahhhh, of course! 

The purpose of hair. Our Antennas!!

Just like cats and dogs have their whiskers and bugs have their antennas, us humans have em as well. Its our hair! This book shows us the proper way to take care of these “antennas” that we got rocking on top of our crown chakra! This book shares when to cut your hair according to the moon cycles, the yins & yangs of haircare, which elements you are missing from your hair- what you need more of what you need less of, the benefits of a combing ritual and so much more! Awesome gift for that hairdresser or hair lover in your life!

Hair is a cosmic antenna, able to receive and transmit information and energy. It can function as a sixth sense.

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Awakening Hair - Caring for your Cosmic Antenna

Some people think of hair as dead cells hanging off their head. Awakening Hair invites you to experience hair as an extension of our living selves, profoundly affected by our biological functions, hair care routine, environmental impacts, and even our thoughts.  Hair is a cosmic antenna, able to receive and transmit information and energy. It can function as a sixth sense. 

Beginning with The Power of Hair Gardening, the wisdom of each chapter will help you grow, maintain, and achieve the healthiest hair possible with the most life enhancing practices. Understanding what kind of hair you have, the benefits of nature’s elements, the cycles of the seasons and Sun and Moon will create a new improved, relationship with your hair.  We have all experienced ‘bad hair days’. 

Studies at Yale University have shown that bad hair days diminish self-confidence, and increase feelings of shame, self-doubt, social insecurity and self-criticism. You can discover how to end bad hair days, create great hair days and have a happier life. In Awakening Hair you can determine the style of hair care that suits you best, and design your Personal Hair Care Improvement plan. Along with Five Easy Steps to Sustainable Hair Care, this will streamline your experience with your hair. 

To make finding the right products for your hair even easier, you will find a guide alerting you to the ingredients you most want to avoid.  In Awakening Hair you will hear about Hair Balancing, the holistic healing art that cuts hair with a precise pattern of sacred geometry. It is based on the principles and points of acupuncture and cranio-sacral therapy. It is most noted for releasing hair trauma, reducing hair loss, enhancing hair growth, and making hair happy!


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