Hair + Reiki

✨I am now offering Reiki treatments on their own and to add on to any hair service. ✨


The easiest way I can describe Reiki is this; have you ever had a stomach ache or a headache or pain anywhere in your body? What’s the first thing you do? You put your hands there. 🙌🏼 For ‘some reason’ they just go there and you feel maybe just a littttttle bit better. So really we all do reiki on ourselves we just might not be aware of it. 🤔

That is what Reiki is. Loving, healing touch. Only, for the most part, there is no touching. Reiki deals with more of your emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual bodies. So another way to understand it could be: what a massage is for the physical body, Reiki for all your other bodies. See you are not just this dense heavy bone bag! You are an energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual being. All of these bodies make up your soul/spirit/aura/glow whatever you want to call it. We are so used to treating just the physical but for anything to even show up there it first has to go through your other bodies.

Make sense?

If not, I invite you to ask questions in the comments below or DM me. I’d be more than happy to answer questions and clarify any misunderstandings. Also if you would like to share your thoughts on how you describe it please feel free to share. 🤗💓


Could you imagine going for a haircut and getting a Reiki treatment as well? Heaaaaven!

I will be ending my year off with my current offerings. Come the New Year I will be implementing even more and more of this reiki and energy goodness because I just think the world needs it and what better way than through a hair appointment!

Looking forward to our visit together.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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