Here Comes

The Bride!

What’s the one thing - besides your dress - that’s going to ensure you feel like a million bucks on this extraordinary, expansive day in your life?

That’s right…your hair.

And what’s the last thing you want to have on your wedding day?

Right again - a bad hair day!

In order for me to serve you the style and look that you desire, its very important that we connect, plan and practice beforehand. Sound good? Hope so, Gorgeous…’cause this is a date we simply MUST have!

We’ll cover all the details during your trial run, so please come prepared to spill it, sister! I’ll need dates, times, locations, numbers...and so much more. It’ll be fun!

I can serve a party of up to 5, bride included. If your group exceeds that - and depending on hairstyles and time - we can discuss arranging for a second stylist to accompany me.


Day of Wedding

Please come with clean and dry hair.
Light conditioner, please - it can tend to weigh the hair down.


Trial Run

Mandatory for brides [cost not included in Bridal Package].
Optional but recommended for bridesmaids.




$200 flat on-location fee.. Plus:

Bridesmaids.......$55-$80 each
Simple Styles......$35+


Additional Costs:

Cost of travel $.50/km
Cost for out-of-town accommodations.


Cash payments or e-transfers accepted.
A $250 non-refundable deposit to hold the spot.
Not responsible for any cancellation fees for travel or hotel reservations.



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