Pre-Order: Amethyst Luxe Crystal Comb 

Pre-Order: Amethyst Luxe Crystal Comb 


Core Qualities: Power, Wisdom, Intuition, Inspiration, Healing, Transformation, and Relaxation  

Key Affirmation: Wisdom and intuition always guide me. I am following the calling of my soul. 

Amethyst is the Stone of Wisdom. Amethyst has been known as the psychic stone, and can heighten intuition and clear the ‘fog’ created by too many thoughts, feelings and images. Also known as the sobriety stone, can support breaking negative thought or behavior patterns. 

The quality of this stone is especially superb, magical, and rare. This stone is the first of the Luxe collection, a limited edition offering of the CrystalComb.

Luxe CrystalCombs are once-yearly limited stock creations.

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