Pre-Order: Lapis Lazuli

Pre-Order: Lapis Lazuli


Lapis Lazuli: The Stone of Nobility

Core Qualities: Honor, Nobility, Truth, Divinity, Inspiration, Courage, Self-Awareness, Self-Expression

Key Affirmation: I stand strong in my truth. I boldy share my gifts with with world.

One of the oldest used sacred stones, Lapis Lazuli has adorned ancient temples, churches and has been carved in to holy ritual objects for thousands of years. This stone, also called “The Wisdom Keeper” is associated with both the throat chakra and third eye, deepens self awareness, and promotes courageous sharing of your personal truth. It is said to bridge the gap between the human and divine worlds, and as such was treasured the kings and queens of history, as well as a favorite of today’s writers, journalists, artists, spiritual teachers, and thought leaders.

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