Vida Clean Shampoo

Vida Clean Shampoo

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Don’t get caught in the vicious cycle of other shampoo manufacturers "oily-normal-dry" routine. CLEAN SHAMPOO - One shampoo for all types of hair and skin. Deep cleaning but gentle on the most sensitive skin and scalp. CLEAN SHAMPOO for everyday use on all types and textures of hair. Vida has designed this shampoo to be of a thinner viscosity to ensure the scalp is well cleansed, keeping hair follicles unclogged and healthy. CLEAN SHAMPOO is water-soluble, it readily dilutes with water and rinses away 100% clean leaving nothing behind, no residue. It will cleanse the hair and skin with no cosmetic build-up. When we say clean, we mean it. Vida Of New Orleans certifies that all of our products are cold - processed and contain no artificial fillers or additives. Environmentally friendly and bio-degradable. CLEAN SHAMPOO now contains MG+(magnesium) to improve the adhesion of hair dyes and colors. Prevents fading (non-irritating base).

  • None Residue, rinses 100% clean

  • Cold Processed

  • 100% Chelated to flush our impurities from the scalp & hair.

  • Hair & Body, water soluble

  • Safe for chemically treated hair

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