Vida Derm Shampoo

Vida Derm Shampoo

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DERM SHAMPOO - The shampoo with the soothing eucalyptus base. Designed to be thinner than regular shampoos so it can effectively clean and treat the scalp while washing your hair. Gentle enough to be used everyday, this herbal wonder helps aid in the relief of itchy scalp and dermatitis. DERM SHAMPOO is an effective dandruff treatment. When used as a body washes in the shower DERM leaves you clean and refreshed. When added to the bath, the soothing eucalyptus based formula eases sinuses and provides temporary relief from the discomfort of a cold. DERM SHAMPOO is water-soluble, it readily dilutes with water and rinses away 100% clean leaving nothing behind. It will cleanse the hair and skin with no cosmetic build-up or residue. Vida Of New Orleans certifies that all of our products are cold-processed and contain no artificial fillers or additives. Environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

  • None Residue, rinses 100% clean

  • Cold Processed

  • 100% Chelated to flush our impurities from the scalp & hair.

  • Hair & Body, water soluble

  • Safe for chemically treated hair

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