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Meet Janalyn



If I don’t use it on me, I won’t use it on you. After 15 years in the industry I began to react to the harsh practices often used in the name of beauty. Unpleasant odor, sore eyes, skin sensitivities… can you relate? There are options out there that are kinder to both humans + the Earth, and I’ve found them. Subtle but noticeable commitments like these are sure to enhance your salon experience. Can you feel the difference?


My Mission

To provide my discerning clientele with nothing but the best in holistic care: hair, body + spirit!
Meet Janalyn | Soul Salons Saskatoon

Did your Mom teach you to clean up your messes?

Mine sure did! I recycle everything from hair, foils, gloves… even leftover hair colour! Green Circle Salons makes this easy for eco-conscious stylists like myself, so I gratefully align with them. So we can both relax and not feel guilty for the mess we make manifesting your magnificence!



I was a slave to my own dreams!

Going into business for myself years ago was as much an education as it was an adventure. But a brick + mortar existence imprisoned me + my wild nature. Moving my passion home was the best business decision I’ve ever made - it liberated me. I’m all about freedom and now I work consciously + joyfully to attain more of it, not less.


I’ve come a long way, baby!

And I’m oh, so very grateful. Moving my dreams into my own sacred space has allowed me breathing room to grow as both an individual and a stylist. You’ll love the relaxing, safe and inspiring space I’ve created for you. Less stress has also meant I have more creative energy, which results in more fun and greater results for you.


More than just a haircut

Lets face it… many of us want our time with our stylist to be more than simply checking a haircut off our to-do list. Touch, relaxation, a listening ear… and that awesome scalp massage. I wanted more, too. To give more, actually. Hair Awakening is not only the perfect vehicle for me to elevate my services from the mundane to the magical, it also blends my two great passions: hair + energy healing. Time is precious, so I say… let’s make it count and turn your hair appointment into a holistic, transformational experience that serves all levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Now that’s an efficient use of time, yes? Why not elevate your self-care expenditure to its rightful place as a wellness ritual?




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