The truth about hair products

Can we talk about this for a second??

THIS is the reality of the industry. This is why you struggle with your hair most days.

This is why you feel you need to wash your hair everyday.

Why your hair looks greasy.

What could be causing your hair loss.

This my friends is called COSMETIC WEIGHT and it’s a real problem in the hair world.

Big companies are using your hair and your body as dumping grounds for their shit product. Literally. They are leaving crap behind in your hair causing all sorts of issues, mainly bad hair days.

I like to use food as an analogy for understanding hair products. Our hair products are very similar to processed foods. Processed foods are made up of a bunch of whack shit, sometimes heated (causing even more of a negative effect) and they don’t tend to want to break down/ leave your body once consumed. This is the same for more heat processed hair products that are out there, and most of them are. Meaning this, even if you were to wash your hair, your hair is still not getting cleaned. THIS gets left behind.

This amount was taken off an inch of hair by using the back of my blade and scrapping along the cuticle of her hair to pull this off. Can you image this being all over her hair and scalp as well?

Imagine the benefits to your hair, scalp or even your mind + thoughts when this is no longer there.

I have a special cleaning process that involves #chelation therapy that helps to remove cosmetic weight. Clients leave feeling lighter and in my experience actually felt like my thoughts were clearer. Sounds coo-coo but for real. No more weight weighing down my thoughts !

I also carry a full retail line called Vida that is water soluble, cold processed and chelated. There is no smell to our Clean Shampoo and the Derm Shampoo has Eucalyptus for scalps that need a little more loving. There is no more that 5-7 ingredients in each shampoo. Again, referring back to food. The least amount of ingredients the better. Also the second you heat something up it takes longer to process. That’s why raw food and not heating food to a certain temperature are much better for you. That is why I love that Vida only has a small handful of raw ingredients.