Salon Magazine Feature

A couple days before my 34th birthday I got a surprise email from the editor of Salon Magazine.

They were interested in doing a story about my alternative approach to hair!
I booked that interview the morning of my 34th birthday and my article just so happens to land on page 34... of course!

There has been a “ coming out” of my work over the past couple years. To be contacted by a popular salon magazine after years of all the really deep inner work and finding the courage to share my truth feels like a dream. I have had many people doubt me or questioned my beliefs, so when I got asked a sense of weight and self doubt was lifted off my shoulders.Maybe a little hint of worthiness starting to seep in.

To be validated, is to be seen.

I have been on my own healing journey for 16 years and I learned a lot of things that are only being talked about now. Which is amazing and a long time in the coming. Being recognized is seeing physical and energetic proof of my growth.

Thank you Salon Magazine for finding me and making me apart of your June 2019 “The Disruption Issue”. I hope to begin the process of putting Canada, specifically Saskatchewan on the map for pioneering this into the new age. There are very few stylists who are offerings these elevated services.

The interviewer herself mentioned that it was hard to find more stylists, in Canada offering this. I know many in the States and overseas, but Canada, #yxestylists, we are going to be the change we’ve all been waiting for.

To take hairdressing back to what it once was, a lost healing art.

Photos for the article from the lovely @wawrykphotography
Gorgeous + peaceful model @annamarie54 .