The Abundant Apprentice

Hey there! I’m Janalyn Mehler. I like playing with hair, energy and mastering manifestation. I grew up obsessed with hair, making friends and implementing wild business ideas. I guess that’s why i like mentoring people how to confidently + courageously go after their dreams!

The biggest problem I see in the world today is low self esteem. The young people in the world, just starting out in their careers, don’t have access to the one-to-one support they need to fully believe in themselves and ignite their creativity.

My mission is to restore collective confidence + worthiness in young women. I aim to do this by mentoring young stylists: giving them tools, support and guidance they just don’t get in school….or anywhere else for that matter! I believe we all need guidance and support to attain our greatness.

Through The Abundant Apprentice online mentorship I’m teaching young women that they do have what it takes, to make their dreams come true….and that they’re worthy of support, living wages and respect for the service they’re providing in our community.

“I help apprentice hair stylists increase their confidence- and income!- by sharing my industry secrets through my mentorship program.

You can access more information of my online program through this link:

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